Maternity & Newborn

In these sessions we walk the path of a new being, a new person. As will be? We do not know, but if we can tell him how it was when he came to this world. And above all, who were waiting for him.

Knowing the above, I comment. This package is the union of two packages: the maternity session and the newborn session. It is important that you take this into account, and they will work as independent packages. The difference is that the second package or “Newly Born” would already have the date in our calendar available, only day and time adjustments would be made. Also, this second package already comes with a discount.


Maternity Session:

The ideal would be to carry out the maternity session with more than 30 weeks of pregnancy. This session includes 1-2 hours depending on whether they include extra products or not, 15 digital images and 1 change of dress, a dress that you can choose between the different colors available according to your taste. Final images will be submitted within 2 weeks of online photo selection for the final maternity session package. Makeup is not included, but we can recommend specialists in this area.

Newborn Session:

The ideal would be to carry out the session during the first 8-15 days of the baby’s life since at this stage he drinks almost all the time asleep and this makes it easier for us to carry out the photographic session. This package includes a 1-2 hour session depending on whether they include extra products or not and 20 digital images that will be delivered within 2 weeks after the online selection of photos for the final package. No need to bring clothes or anything for the shoot, just your beautiful baby.


You should also know that a 20% booking fee is required to reserve the date of the first Main Shoot on our calendar and guarantee our availability. This will be done after the first appointment. The reservation fee is included in the total balance of your package. Three payments will be made, one after the first appointment that would be the aforementioned reservation and another two after each Main Shoot that would be the remains of the total prices of each individual package. If you have any questions, check the steps to follow here. The Basic Maternity Package begins with a total balance of $399. And the Basic Newborn Package begins with a total balance of $350. Prices will increase as products are added.