This session for us is a tribute to life. A tribute to mothers, to those real life heroines. Mother’s love is one of the most faithful and pure feelings that a human being can experience, it is the very cradle of life, the cycle that keeps us here as a species. We already see it as something common, but it really is a miracle. That is why for us it is important to immortalize this stage in the life of a woman and her family, doing it the best we do by turning art into a mother.

I comment. The ideal would be to carry out the session within the weeks of pregnancy from 27 to 32. This is where the tummy is already noticeable but it still does not weigh so much. And from experience, mothers endure the session time much better. Also in that time their mobility for those poses that they want so much is better. But BEWARE, everything is subjective, each mother is different. I have had mothers who are all warriors, giving birth the next day of the session 🙂  Anyway, as I always say, “As long as the baby is inside the tummy there is time“. Of course, the session must be booked in advance to ensure the day available.

Within our maternity packages, apart from the traditional, we have developed several influences on maternity photography of these times.

 We like them for the fact that we empower women and highlight her personality, strength and beauty at the time of pregnancy. Some of these trends are fashion photos, like this one.

And artistic photos like the one above that are a bit more daring. Although it should be noted, as I always say, that it should be shown more on the beach than in the photo itself, the true art is there. Another of the frequently asked questions in this type of photos is… ¨No, the photographed pregnant woman is always dressed¨ What the spectator observes is the result of various photographic techniques.

The packages include sessions with times ranging from 45min to 3 hours depending on which one you choose. Each pack has an initial number of photos, but you can add as many photos as you like from those taken in the Shooting. If you want, you have access to our dresses. You can choose between the different colors, shapes and textures available, according to your taste. Final images will be delivered within 2 weeks of online photo selection for final package. Makeup is not included, but we can recommend specialists in this area.

We always make an appointment prior to shooting. This appointment can be face-to-face or virtual ¨video call¨ For us this appointment is very important. Because that way we can get to know each other, know their tastes and what their ideas are for the shooting. From there we start to organize all the ideas to be carried out in the filming of the selected package.

The payment will be executed after the selection of images of the shooting. The price will increase as additional images or extra products are added to the base package. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us below. If you want an appointment, your confirmation by us will be executed in less than 24 hours after sending your query below. We look forward to our appointment.