When we hear the sound of the ocean and the waves, we go into a trance. Those sounds have been around for a long, long time. They are primal and our cells remember those sounds. A long time ago we lived in that primeval ocean. One day we left it and brought it with us. More than 60% of our body is made up of that ocean. It has the same components. That is why we feel a certain nostalgia when we hear the sea sound. This session is the evocation of a memory.

Knowing the above, I comment. This package includes a 1 hour session and 5 digital images that will be delivered within 2 weeks after the online selection of photos for the final package.

You should also know that a $100 booking fee is required to reserve the date of the first Main Shoot on our calendar and guarantee our availability. This will be done after the first appointment. The reservation fee is included in the total balance of your package. Three payments will be made, one after the first appointment that would be the aforementioned reservation and another two after each Main Shoot that would be the remains of the total prices of each individual package. Prices will increase as products are added. If you have any questions, check the steps to follow here



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