Hello my name is Yasset and my wife Estefani. I am a professional photographer with years of experience and together with my wife we make this project possible here in the city of Houston. Enso Art Studio is nothing more than our photographic vision, with that mixture of plastics arts and the audiovisuals. Taken to a more personal level.


On a personal level, our meaning of Enso Art Studio?


What are our roles?
Estefani takes care of appointments, keeps track of clients through our reservation system. In addition to supporting, helping compose and elaborate the sessions. It should be noted that of the two she is the one who best knows how to communicate and has a wonderful memory.

On the other hand, I am very meticulous and passionate about what I do. I know myself well enough to say that my intelligence is emotional. That is why I am good at working with emotions. Hence, I like to capture that in my photos through lights, shadows, colors and compositions. My work consisted of photographing and to a large extent incorporating art. In addition, I do all the maintenance of the reservation system, the website, and the social networks.


How do we get here?

In the case of my wife Estefani. She comes from her native Venezuela of the culinary art. She always noticed when composing her salads that they had something special that made them look pretty. She eventually realized that she was using color theory and photographic compositions on her plates. And so, she in that way she too found herself making art without knowing it.

In my case, at an early age, I developed skills in the plastic arts passing the entrance to the ¨San Alejandro¨ (National School of Painters of Cuba). During the preparation time I developed techniques such as charcoal “Lights and Shadows”, composition, color psychology and abstract art in general. I also made several plays with a prestigious school now based in Bogotá-Colombia, called ¨Koturno Teatro¨. This last one was the one that took me to the audiovisual. At the same time I found myself learning television production in a telecentre in my country and it was there that for the first time a whole audiovisual world entered my life accompanied by the art of composing with light, spaces, camera shots and the art of creating moods in esenas.

This is how photography first entered my life. Being at the same time influenced by my sister, a professional photographer who was a teacher at the ¨EFCH¨ (School of Creative Photography of Havana). Over the years I have dedicated myself to taking landscape photographs and portraits under other names from different agencies. Until now, under our own name, my wife, you and I are creating this beautiful adventure …