What is Enso Art Studio?

Meaning of the word Enso:

Enso (円 相) is a Japanese word that means circle and is linked to spirituality.

It symbolizes lighting, strength, elegance, the universe, as well as the Japanese aesthetic itself.
In Zen Buddhism painting, the Enso symbolizes a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body or spirit begin to create. The shape is usually captured in a single stroke and there is no possibility of modification. Thus, the work shows the expressive movement of the spirit in a given time.

The Enso with an opening in the circle symbolizes that the expression of the art or the artist himself is not an isolated figure, but is part of something larger in the universe. Furthermore, it also reflects that imperfection is an essential and inherent aspect of existence. The principle of controlling balance in composition through asymmetry and irregularity is an important aspect in an artist’s aesthetic, the denial of the perfect.

What Enso Art Studio is about:

As soon as we are born, we instantly cry, and it is there that we experience an emotion for the first time.

We all have the ability to get excited. And it is in those moments of our life where emotions are on the surface that happiness is revealed. But despite being sneaky and elusive she often shows up at times like this. Happiness is nothing more than our way through life towards it. But happiness itself does not walk alone, in her adventure she has a partner.

People forget almost everything in life, and we tend to remember the things that excite us. That is why emotion is that bond that unites these two great bulwarks of life. Because emotion makes it easy to remember. The remember is also important in our lives. Since it is our own time machine. With him we travel to the past and we can relive and feel those moments of so much happiness in our lives.

This is our philosophy, and this is what Enso Art Studio is all about.



“Life is not what we live, but how we remember it to tell it”